Friday, December 01, 2006

en fin! Une autre paire ...

Well, it took me long enough but here's another pair. I am coming to terms with my variegated wool obsession and was even good enough to buy only one skein of this multi-colored splendor last weekend (earth-tones in SWS, no less). I am noticing, however, that a lot of the mitts that I've made recently have been knit with my collection of many, many variegated yarns! I ...just...can'

After a warm and damp week, the snow started this morning.It made for a special and snowy Light Up the Night in A-town with some good tunes and cocoa. It's nice to live in a small town :)

The day started off with freezing rain and sleet and although wasn't an official snow day, I'm sure a lot of kids took the day off. I worry about cold, frost-bitten hands out there, walking to and from school or not being able to play outside, with friends because of mitten-less-ness. It's easy to forget how awful cold hands can be - try shoveling out your walkway during a cold wind/ snow day and you'll soon see the difference a warm pair of mittys can make. Let's work together to make this happen less and less. The thing about this project is that it runs 12 months a year. Even one pair of mittens makes a difference. If you're a member of a service club or knitting group, how about a MITTEN CHALLENGE? Challenge all of you members to knit us a pair of mitts! Challenge them to challenge each of their knitting friends to do the same and soon we'll see a really big difference!!!! Or you could make time to knit a pair a month. There are so many ways to get involved

With all of the holiday knitting going on, I'm trying to squeeze out a few more pairs for Naismith/Holy Name of Mary/ R.Tait McKenzie schools.
It's been a struggle to drum up support for this effort but I'm doing my best; that's all that I can ask, right? I know that whatever I manage to do will be appreciated, somehow.

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