Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nothing beats a pair of mittens that someone knit with love.

I am working on my 6th pair of mittens and have two hats (more than just 'hats', these are kitten helmets from the Paton's Hat's & Mitts for Kids booklet). I'll try to finish a few more pairs of mitts and then start on a few simple toques, too. Maybe in hockey team colors (do kids still like to wear their favorite team's colors? My boys did but they're almost 22 & 17. I feel so out of touch LOL).

In this month's Interweave Knits, I found a really cool mitten pattern that is knit flat and then stitched together; normally, I wouldn't knit this way (hate the sewing part) but this pattern has a really neat spiral effect around the thumb. I couldn't resist and knit a pair in orange (deep carrot orange) and green (dusky thyme green). I also took some of my merino stash and knit myself a pair in a deep blue-purple and forest green that matches my favorite ski jacket.

Take care of yourself and if you feel like it, knit a pair of mitts for Lanark's Kids :) (email me and I'll send you the mailing address where you can send them)

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