Sunday, September 17, 2006

Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

Pavlina stopped by yesterday, on her way back to Kingfisher, OK and of course, her hands were not empty. She delivered 2 lovely skeins of the softest birchleaf-green wool, purchased on her last foray to the Hudson Valley. Much thanks for this beautiful delivery. It won't be able to be applied to the Mittens Project (only acrylic - easy to care for and no risk of allergies) but I'm sure that I'll be able to use it for something wonderful (expect a pair of socks, Girl LOL). Knitters are, by nature, generous and I'm hoping that this project will be able to help share that generosity.

I've been knitting a pair of mittens a day since last week and the count is up to 10 pairs, so far. I'm trying to knit them in a variety of sizes and colors so that there will be an assortment. In a ideal universe, the child would be able to choose the pair that appealed to her or him, a unique set that made them feel special and happy. Not only would their hands be warm; their hearts would be too, safe in the knowledge that someone in their community cares about them.

I've been a little worried that I would be working on this project by myself but then I realized that even one knitter can do something. Maybe I wouldn't hit the goal of 220 pairs that I had initially set for the Mitten Project but I would make some sort of difference. even if only 10 kids benefit by receiving a pair of mittens, that's 20 warm hands walking our streets, feeling good.


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