Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Knits for Kids Project is nearing its 2nd month and I can't believe how much yarn I've gone through. This is truly the ultimate stash buster!

I've been busy packaging mittens for distribution- tieing pairs together with yarn bows and putting them, by size, into lock-top freezer bags. This will serve to keep them clean and hopefully deter my Lab puppy, Nashville Tee from chewing up all of this hard work.

If you have mittens ready for distribution or supplies to donate, contact me and we can arrange a pick-up. Even one pair of mittens makes a difference
Can't knit? You can still contribute

Buy a ball of yarn for the project
Help us to find places to meet - local, with beverages preferred ;)
Let people know what we're doing

One pair of hands can make a difference - put your pair to good use.
The first snowflakes have already begun to fall in this part of the country; let's work together to keep those hands warm :)

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