Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Better to be busy than not to be, I suppose

Lots of wool is flying around the homestead these days; after 2 elections (ours and 'the big city's'), it's nice to focus on "woolly" stuff and not heated political drama(even if it should be called 'yarn', and not "wool' as one of my readers nicely reminded me -yup, I know, I know. Whaddaya want! It's my 3rd language and sometimes, I make gaffes. I don't think that I speak any language exceptionally well which is odd when you consider how I much time I spend talking. My parents laugh and tell me that I would be alone in my crib talking away and they would check to see which of my siblings had wandered in to my room, to disturb my napping. Usually I was alone, just talking for the sake of talking... Some people's kids, I tell ya!

I've found some really simple 2 needle mitten patterns for all of you who have expressed interest in knitting but don't want to experience the 'fun' of knitting in the round. There's an excellent stitching tutorial in Debbie Stoller's SnB books, too (can't remember if it's in SnB or SnB Nation... but it's the best article on the subject that I've found so far). There's also this pattern link, with more mitts and gloves than you could ever knit.

I still have a lot of yarn (see, I used the right term) leftover for those of you in the area who would like to knit along with us.

Wherever, I wish you a safe, healthy and yarn-filled day. A day without yarn is a day without yarnshine (like sunshine, but better!)