Saturday, November 18, 2006

There's been so much knitting in Bumbershoot Haus this weekend - but mostly non-mitten-related (finishing up Knitty's shedir & starting Berrocco's Pasadena) so I thought I would compensate with some colorful mitten photos. I've been busy writing & editing for my other gig and continuing to look for other opportunities to collaborate with other groups (and catching up on my non-charity-related knitting)

I don't know if you've heard about Idealist or not but I am a true fan. This is an awesome resource for anyone who believes that we can change the world for the better. I've listed our group as an affinity group so others can join in, regardless of their locale. One amazing thing about our current world is that you can contribute to a cause virtually - never leave your region, still make a difference - WOW! No matter where in the world you live, Idealist can help you find a great way to contribute to your community or to collaborate with groups, like ours
More mittens to come - I've promised myself that I'll get another 4 pairs off of my needles by next Friday. How many are you planning on knitting?
I enjoy hearing from other groups, doing similar projects in their communities. I especially enjoy hearing from people from other regions who want to contribute even if they never ever ever set foot in Lanark County. Personally, I think that everyone should visit this beautiful place at least once. We're only 45 minutes west of Ottawa but we're hours away from hustle and bustle. But if you can't, making us a pair of mittens is the next best thing