Monday, December 18, 2006


In the mad dash to 2007, I've only managed to add 3 pairs to the pile.
So far, here's what I've knit
small - 3 in 'girl' colors, 2 in 'unisex' colors
medium - 1 in 'boy' colors, 6 in 'girl' colors and 3 in 'unisex' colors
large - 1 in 'girl' colors and 3 in 'unisex' colors

for a grand total of 19 pairs, only. I was really hoping that the number would be considerably higher but whatcha ya goin' to do, eh? At least we've had to suffer through a couple of relatively warm weather (double digits yesterday - we actually took care of a few major gardening tasks that we hadn't managed to accomplish in the autumn). That could change, though...

All I want for the holidays is to know that our neighborhood kids have warm hands and hearts

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