Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blue, Green & Red

I love bright colors... I can no longer deny this fact
Here are some of the brightly-goodness that I've managed to wrangle off of my needles in this turbulent time of tradition and terror (of the best kind, of course)

I am planning on whipping up some more, smaller ones in brights, too. I love to see kids in brightly colored mittens, playing with their mittens, loving their mittens . Hell, I like to play with mine too so I guess that says a lot about mittens

They bring out the best in you!

Here's to 2007 bringing out the best in all of your lives -
*Be kind to others as often as possible - you never know when your act of kindness will make the difference that is needed
*Walk with soft feet and leave as little a mark on this delicate planet of ours as you can
*Be the best you that you can be
*Knit more + give more = smile more (now, isn't that a cool equation?)


sienna said...

I just joined the mittenfest KAL and noticed your 'mitten project'. I clicked on the link to see where this other 'Lanark County' could possibly be. Imagine my surprise when I find out it's my Lanark County! :) I live in Ottawa now but am from Smiths Falls. What a small world! I'm glad to find your blog.

Bumbershootska said...

I'm so glad that you joined Mittenfest - it's a great group of folks!
I know of a Lanark county in Scotland and there is a Lanark in Florida. I still think that Our Lanark is pretty special ;)

In rural areas like ours, families don't always have access to the same kind of resources that urban kids have. I hope that we can make a difference, even if it is 'just a pair of mittens'.