Friday, January 05, 2007

Knitting, Gathering, Distributing

It's been almost 4 months since I started this project and I am finally able to make a mitten-run. The first batches of mittens are ready to go to schools, just in time for the big return to school after the holidays. Instead of shoe boxes to hold the pairs of mitts, I've decided to make simple drawstring bags. I think that a basic shoe bag pattern, decorated with a felt mitten/ embroidery would be nice and roomy enough to hold the first installment of mitts. I'll try to run off a few this weekend. With K the elder at work all weekend, I'll have free time to do so and I surely have enough fabric to make a 100 or so of these.

I'll post photos of the distribution as soon as I can

Even though I have been the only knitter on this project (so far, at least), it's still exciting to be able to do this. Because of my limited resources (time, $, and the limitations imposed by my PA), I only have enough for 5 schools at the moment but I'll keep plugging away. I think that I can make enough for at least 2 more schools in the coming weeks. Next year, it'll be different. Thanks to my fellow Craftster, Ooak_Diva, I may have a few more pairs for distribution. Many, many thanks to her inspiring work!

Happy New Year's thoughts to all of you - may this year bring you a wonderful creative outlet, personal peace and collective prosperity. Most of all, may your hands be warm and your hearts be light.


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